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Wood phone, unknown make -> Strowger 11 Digit Automatic

Started by wds, May 13, 2012, 06:04:47 PM

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Saw this on Ebay.  Can't identify the maker of this one, but it sure looks like a good one.  Can anyone ID this one?  A little out of my price range.


I guess 'Rower' is a mis-read for Strowger.


Don't know how I missed that in the description.  thanks


I believe this was the first type of Strowger fingerwheel .Rare telephone.Do not think the wooden bipoler receiver is origional to the set..This might be a sleeper.


Greg Sargeant
Providence, RI
TCI /ATCA #4409


Sold for US$2,211.20

I hope the buyer likes it and that the seller packs it very very carefully.

Russ Kirk

While we always admire the colored sets or strange looking candlesticks,  the rather plain single wood boxes with an odd dial can fetch phenomenal amounts.

To a non-collector, they would not give this phone a second look. But most collectors recognize the rarity of that odd 11 hole dial. 

Frankly,  I did not think it would go that high,  but obviously a few collectors with fat wallets did.

I am just glad the seller did not think it was just junk and toss it. Who knows it may live on for many years to come, maybe in a museum.   I hope to see it at a future phone show.
- Russ Kirk