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Replacing an 8 wire DTMF pad on a WE Sculptura Design Line with ATC DTMF 7 wire

Started by markosjal, December 31, 2017, 01:00:43 PM

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I presently have the keypad working , I had to bypass the tone generator's Mic and receiver connections completely but can not seem to figure out how to attenuate the receiver at all on the ATC keypad.

only markings on ATC keypad are 31-82

I am a little stuck here and looked at the diagram for the sculptura here

and another file for Sculptura apparently the same here

as well as this
which seems to be very similar to the ATC DTMF pad I have with the exception of I have no White/Blue wire rather a brown.

It a seems it should be pretty logical but turns out not so easy . If anyone can solve the mystery of the brown wire on the DTMF keypad it would be helpful
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