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Reproduction candlestick wiring question

Started by Fennec, August 11, 2018, 06:34:58 PM

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Hello, forum members:

Does anybody have a schematic (or has in his/her possession) for a reproduction candlestick phone, called "Bonnie and Clyde Series", made in Indonesia, possibly also known as a RadioShack model 43-321?

I am trying to determine where exactly are supposed to be the line cord connection points on the terminal strip...

Here are some pictures for reference. Any pointers would be appreciated.

Thank you,


Hello, you might try following the line cord to the base if it's connected to it, make note of the connections before progressing further.

It sounds a lot like a "Fold-A-Phone" candlestick I encountered a while back.

Word of advice: If the connector is the kind that goes over a round pin, it might be tricky to replace or add to a new line cord; that kind of connector isn't made anymore, so you might need to improvise a connector.

Some of the automotive style connector lugs can be adapted to go over the round pin, but would need to be modified slightly.



Quote from: RotoTech99 on August 18, 2018, 10:56:58 AM might try following the line cord to the base if it's connected to it...

That would be my first problem - the line cord has been disconnected by someone in the past, and, as it is common with reproduction phones, the terminals are not numbered. It is basically a hodgepodge of wires running to a single terminal strip. If I will be unsuccessful in locating the schematic, I will have to re-trace every wire, and reconstruct the diagram manually, and then see where the line potentially could have been connected, ex. across a "ringer" solenoid with a capacitor in series, or something similar... 


This guy never gives out much info but if there is a clear enough view at any point, maybe you could pause the video and note the placement of wires?
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