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Stromberg-Carlson 1223

Started by MMikeJBenN27, May 06, 2019, 11:32:07 PM

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I have this SC 1223 that was a manual phone, so I added a Western Electric 5H dial.  It seems to work find as far as dialing out.  It properly shunts the receiver so I don't hear the clicks while dialing, but it does click kind of loud when it makes or breaks.  I could only find a wiring diagram for an Automatic Electric dial.  Does anybody have a diagram specifically for a 1223 with a WE dial?  (No, this is NOT the same internally as a 1243).


Nobody replied, so with experimentation, here is what works best:  move green handset cord wire the the W terminal on the dial, put red wire on the Y terminal, the green wire to BK, the brown wire to BB, and the white wire to R.  Wired this way, you don't have those loud clicks when you make or break the circuit.