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Another System Upgrade

Started by Babybearjs, May 18, 2019, 04:20:44 AM

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well.... while adding in my 212L phone into my carport, I had to change out the key switch due to some broken wires... put in my old stand-by, the 6028-DA... and wired it up... got dial tone to the phone and then stopped. decided to check Ebay for a newer key switch and found a 6040G for $20.00... Grabbed it. it will be here on Monday. was looking the the BSP 512-210-103 Page 7 to see what the wiring is like and then it dawned on me.... use the scrap of 25 pair cable to hook it up.... DUH.... now why didn't I think of that before! so... instead of using the 3 4 pair cables I have now.... I'm upgrading to a 25 pair line... anyway, I changing out the key switch for a newer one and hope all works OK...  plus, I'll have Lights! Yippy!


I'm getting a tad confused....  :(

You have two recent 'upgrade' threads, plus your original 'going off line' thread. Are these later two threads part of the same rewire project?
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yeh, I know.... Ken mentioned it to me....