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near completion! (Home rewiring project)

Started by Babybearjs, July 15, 2019, 07:50:06 PM

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well, after finding a few 50 foot cuts of Cat3 wire at $20.00/Pc. I went to discount Low Voltage for the rest of my wire. at 0.69/Ft I quickly discovered had I bought the full 1000 foot spool, I would have a sizeable amount left over. so far I've purchased 2 75 foot cuts and only have 2 more jacks to rewire. so, I only have to order another 75 foot piece and another 65 foot piece and the job is done! so my total length has been 4 X 50=200+150+140Ft... which totals to..... 490 total feet... including slack! so it comes out to be about $280.00 for all the wire! which I think is about what I've spent on all that Cat5e cabling I went with in the last 2 years! Thank you everyone for your input on my project! I'm so glad I rewired and remodeled my entire phone system.... now... no more #44 blocks, staticky lines and spaghetti wiring under my home! (except for the internet lines, which seem to be working fine...) its nice to be able to have a system that can be changed by just changing some cross-connects! and now I have some jacks with RJ-12's in them for my CID units and Exclusion features... (if that will ever be used!) I've had to drop my 2 POTS lines due to economics... I may pick them up later....