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Passing of Al Farmer's wife Gwen

Started by Phonesrfun, June 09, 2011, 12:36:08 PM

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The phone collecting community is rather small overall, and this came up on the ATCA list serve.  To my knowledge, Al has not participated in this forum.  This is a cross post of an original posting by Wally Tubbs earlier this week:


From Wally Tubbs:
It saddens me to report the death of long time club member Al Framer's wife
Gwen, who passed away last evening from a long term illness. Those of you
who know Al, know him as a very active telephone collector and participant
in both clubs since their inception. His ATCA# of 15 indicates his status as
a charter member. He attended many shows in his earlier collecting, and
would always greet you with a smile, a handshake, and good conversation.
Gwen attended many of these shows with Al. She was indeed a great life
partner for Al.  On a personal note, Al has been a great friend for 30+
years, has been a mentor to me on all things telephone, and has been a very
active member of the telephone museum community here in Lincoln. He worked
tirelessly when the museum was being put together, and currently serves on
the museum board. For those who know Al, I am sure he would appreciate
hearing from you.  Condolences can be sent to     

Al Farmer   
5023 S. 69th St.
Lincoln, Nebraska    68516     

or you can e-mail to           

I am sure Al would appreciate a note from his friends.

-Bill G