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telephone photos - david@london

Started by david@london, December 17, 2012, 07:34:50 PM

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Western Electric 2500D Touch-Tone 1970....


This WE500 Signal Corps, dated 12/52 on the base, was the first U.S. phone I ever bought,
found at an East of London antique shop. It has a strong whiff of liquorice mixed with Gorgonzola.

As it is a Signal Corps phone, our GM, CJ, requested some info and pictures....

The transmitter is a modern replacement and there have been some other additions since 1952 - the dial is a 7D dated 1-62, the bakelite caps + receiver element are 8-58.

I added a straight handset cord, dated 55, as the phone came with a late 60s/70s replacement coiled cord.

Network marked 11-52 SAC 1340.

Base marked GA-51859  12-52

Shell 12 13 52 1

C2A ringer 12-52

Numbercard I added, the phone came without one.

Handset is a G1 Western Electric, no S.C. marking.

Imprint under cradle - SIGNAL CORPS US ARMY TELEPHONE SET  TA-236/FT Western Electric

Seller included 2 US Army card tags marked 130th EI Squadron Salt Lake City, Utah.

It seems likely that this phone was used at a USAF base in England.

The base is in a fairly worn-in state, though the shell looks nearly new, with a high shine to it.




Pink TT, after a quick bath, is ready for its application of salon crème peroxide. Orange tinge visible on case and handset (not caps)...