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T&N S1a - 112/114 I

Started by dsk, August 16, 2013, 01:49:20 PM

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T&N S1a - 112/114 I   (T&N = Telefonbau und Normalzeit)
This telephone is made in wall, and table top versions. The oldest had a nut in center of the dial, the latest had a printed circuit board. Everything looks quit like the typical German W48, and this circuit was even used in 20'ies.
This one has a 1600 ohms ringer with a single gong. (older w48 used 600 ohms ringers)

Time of manufacture unknown. (receiver is stamped 903 dyn II    69, and the transmitter: ZB539I   04.70)



A Google search will show numerous designs of this phone.


Now I know that this phone was mounted in a basement storage room when the school building of "Grorud gymnas" was started up in 1972 so the phone is made shortly before that. Transmitter dated 1970.

According to Stefan Roth this are known as TN W4.



That is a very cool design for a wall phone.
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Here is a test result of the dial pretty OK   ;)