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Mix & Genest wall phone 1934

Started by dsk, October 02, 2022, 05:43:22 AM

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Only seen pictures of Mix & Genest phones, and never been to much impressed, but when I got this.. 

M&G had solutions in 1934 that were not only different from others made in Europe, but pretty early in development.  The anti-sidetone had a better balance with development of the induction coil, the capacitor with included resistor works as a good filter for the dials pulse contacts, the dial speed adjustment is unique. The dial layout makes it comfortable to use, they did not need the mechanical locking of the rotary dial as used in modell 36 and earlier Siemens phones.


Very nice indeed - you have the wall version of the Weltruf ( and I suspect it's even harder to find than the desk phones.


Great to hear you have this phone now :-)
For comparison, here's again the dial of my M&G ZBSA24. It has a longer travel between the 1 and the fingerstop, and a second set of off-normal contacts to suppress one dial pulse, to generate a longer pause between 2 digits dialed. Presumably it was made 1933, same era as the Weltruf. I don't know if both versions were built simultaneously, or if mine is a later version?
The AE type 24 dial (and maybe others) already had this feature, but other German dials did not. The first Siemens & Halske dial with a "Spatium" was the type N38. Clearly M&G was ahead.



I have just to admit that this phone is so well working that it ended on the kitchen wall for regular use, even with the original transmitter from 1934.
It replaces my Siemens SA 28.