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What Size Wire?

Started by Larry, July 28, 2015, 03:33:39 PM

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Hello to all,

I am new to this forum so please forgive the question if it's not appropriate.  I did do a search but didn't find an answer. 

I have a WE 302G in reasonably good condition.  It does work, but with some static being heard on the other end of a conversation.  In looking at the inside, I can see that some wires are brittle and starting to flake.  I would like to rewire this phone.  Can someone please tell me what size and where to buy the necessary wire for this project?  Also, is the typical residential modular jack a size RJ-11? 





Yes, a standard modular jack with two contacts (centered) for one line is an RJ11.  For two lines, having four pins, it is an RJ14.

Typically, 302s never need internal rewiring if the wires have not been torn or cut.

The static is usually introduced in the handset cords and some old types seem to produce it more than others.

You also may want to try cleaning all contacts inside the phone, particularly those of the hookswitch and the dial.  Pulling some clean paper between the closed contacts a few times might do the trick.


In my experience, static comes most often from the transmitter and/or connections between the transmitter and the contacts if the handset.  I always give the back of the transmitter and receiver elements and the various connections a good cleaning with a rotary tool wire brush.


Jim Stettler

Move around both  ends of the handset cord as you listen.  If the static changes then you  have a cord problem. If the static changes when you move the line cord it a line cord problem.

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4.03  The contacts on 625-A transmitters are silver plated
         and shall not be burnished. The tarnish that develops
on the contacts is not detrimental.

C35.101, Issue 1, 1-2-35
Transmitters, 625A, Description, Installation and Maintenance.
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