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Another Elektrisk Bureau Bakelite telephone 2 lines

Started by dsk, May 09, 2015, 10:38:11 AM

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Got this today, cords and handset are not original. (Handset 1960'ies)
It has lived a hard life, but it works.
1 Line for in/out, and an extra line for asking someone when line 1 is on hold. no transfer option.
Pictures, schematics, and scan from the 1938 catalogue.


From the catalogue: (1938)

Matilo Telephones

I actually was checking out a similar Phone by Ericsson last week.

My bottons are a bit different. Inside look virtually the same.

What is that thing on the back?


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Now, I have the answer, it is for hanging the phone on the wall:


Still missing the right handset, so until something better pops up, I just added one made of Bakelite, probably German.  A pretty worn 1950's cloth covered handset cord and black glue made the cracks and holes better. I had the missing cradle part in stock.
Its Working.  No cleaning and polishing, just wiped with a cloth. 



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Yesterday I got a newer one (1941?), pretty like this, in worse shape, but with an holding coil, no diagram and model no so I'm not sure what I got.

I have measured as and tried to determine the circuitry, and it is mod of the one above.  The short on hold is replaced by a 500 ohms resistor (brownish button) One set of contacts on the hooks switch are used for external purpose.