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Started by DavePEI, August 18, 2015, 02:41:58 PM

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
— Arthur C. Clarke


I'm surprised to see this thread had eluded me for so long.

While I do have a Ham-it-Up Transverter "Upconverter", I don't use the SDR radio in that way for HF reception.

I installed an IF buffer in my Yaesu FT-857D and use the SDR dongle as a Panadaptor.

This lets me see visually on the computer screen what my radio can hear by tapping the first IF.

This also offers me the incredible benefit of a far better DSP subsystem than the radio itself can provide.

While the NoElec device is pretty good for its price point, The latency of the stream is no good for FT8, busting phone pile-up's, or CW contesting, all of which are timing sensitive.
True performance on an SDR radio in an HF role would require a more dedicated radio setup such as an ANAN or FLEX.

But for listening and non contesting situations, you can't go wrong for $20-$30!