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Elektrisk Bureau 1920'ies CB telephone

Started by dsk, September 24, 2015, 05:38:10 AM

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Got this on a flea market.  Can not find any reliable information so far, but the wiring diagram looks pretty equal to a Standard Electric 1921.  More photos will follow after cleaning and some simple refurb.

Dating close to 1925  Kristiania Changed name to Oslo 1/1-1925.  Handset marked Krisitiania, Telephone marked Oslo, cords seems to be authentic.

This wiring diagram is equal to what is mentioned in fig. 16.2 in The book: Old-Time Telephones! by Ralph O. Meyer 2nd edition.



It was in worse shape than expected.  I have shined up the case a little, it should need to be sanded down and painted.
The fork has been straightened, the handset is missing the cone, and I had to cheat with with new parts to get receiver and transmitter working.I did so with the capacitor too. Inside the old box it is a modern one now.