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chrome 2702

Started by Babybearjs, February 21, 2016, 06:20:01 AM

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I was really surprised to see one of these.... could you imagine W.E. having one of these back in the day.... I knew they has the brass version.... but never the chrome... wonder how popular this could have been had it been available.... this one was made by Conair. I believe Target used to sell it....

Jim Stettler

WE did make some Imperial Princess phones "flashed" gold and some flashed silver. Most had standard color handsets (black or ivory). I have a gold flash set w/ matching handset. The silver Imperial is very scarce, I have only seen 1 (black handset), but have heard of a couple of others.
I have seen princess Imperials as rotary, 10 button and 12 button.

Jim S.
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I've seen the gold rotary, but never a touchtone, unless it was a repo. so, they did make the imperial in chrome? that would have been pretty. its too bad these didn't catch on back in the day. the phone company must have charged extra for these sets.