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P.A.B.X., SA 8120 - What can I do with this?

Started by shortrackskater, April 19, 2017, 12:21:26 PM

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I have zero knowledge of switchboard systems. From what I could find, this appears to be from the UK.
Does anyone know if it's powered by line voltage? Is it just a pretty decoration now?
Could I connect my land line into it and run this out to a few of my old rotary dial phones? I realize I could only have one phone connected at a time but I'd do it just for the heck of it, so I can play "operator."
Mark J.


This is just an attendant console of a PABX, not the PABX itself.
You might be able to use it as a cordless switchboard to switch calls from private manual stations to central office trunks, with some modifications, but it needs some kind of power supply when used by itself, and none of local dialing features will work.   The dial is for dialing external calls on the outgoing trunks.

Here is more info on these:


That makes more sense now. Thanks for the information! :)
Mark J.


You'd need a lot of modification to make it into a cordless manual switchboard, and that would be a shame.

Should be fairly simple to reconnect the handset, dial, a key as a hookswitch, and a speech circuit from somewhere, to use it as a simple telephone though.


Here's the ebay listing if anyone's interested. I think I want something made in the USA but it is very nice looking with wood case. Looks to be in excellent condition.
Mark J.


$350 would be an acceptable price.....but only if the other 95% of the equipment was included, that is, the switching equipment.
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Thanks for the info everyone!
I'd rather stick with something made in the US anyway.
Mark J.