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Viedo of my Step system

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Here is a newly upload video of a Western Electric SXS switch, This is my switch located in Oregon.
I did build it, had the building custom built. This is one of 5 switches housed in the building.
More video to come.

Incredible. Did you build this from scratch or bought a old CO?

Is this a functioning center or just for display ?

its operational 24 x 7, I have 6 pstn phone numbers that terminates in this switch. also 800's from C*net 377-5xxx. I have aprox 650-700 phones in my two display rooms. This is one of 5 exchanges. No paying customers  just me.

Just a big TOY

That's one heck of a toy, and quite the comprehensive explanation of how it all works too, looks like it could serve a community quite nicely in its state at the time you made the video, heck, in a case of a national emergency, the whole system could be requisitioned by the authorities because it'd probably survive better than the modern stuff that replaced it all!!


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