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German WWii Ship/Bunker telephone. CB signalling TB talking / Magnto LB

Started by dsk, October 15, 2017, 04:51:44 AM

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This phone was designed for ships and bunkers. Made with many equal parts as the field telephone FF33. But also possible to use as CB with LB talking.

ZB = CB ,  OB = LB , F=Receiver , M=transmitter , WW=Ringer , FK=optical indicator




Needed a photo editor for this laptop so downloaded GIMP and used the above wiring diagram as my first test image.

Made it larger and a few other things. Click on it to enlarge.


Quote from: RB on October 16, 2017, 12:42:18 PM
all that? in that tiny box??? :o

It is a beast of an cast iron box about 40 lbs (guessing) Not more complicated than a EE8 telephone except for the visual indicator.
Most of these German war things has an incredible simplicity and durability.  The lacquer and cotton insulated wires are even more stable than the rubber insulated ones on the EE8, and the Norwegian army used a lot of those until the 1980'ies lang after they had stopped using UK and US war stuff.  We used the wooden field-exchange designed in 1933 together with US SB22  ;D


Number, please!

Wow!  I'm sorry I didn't make time to see your collection when I was in Oslo.