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Ericsson (EB) DBK 1101

Started by dsk, April 05, 2019, 01:01:31 PM

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Just to compare the sizes, and looking at what who was compact design in those days.

The measurements are approxematly!

The 302 metal                        13x19.5 cm  2.95kg
The DBH 1101                        12x15 cm     1.83kg
The Amtsanschließer 33           10.5x18cm  1.86kg


It must be considered that the legendary Amtsanschliesser has no ringer inside.
But in fact it is very versatile to combine local and central battery systems.
Funny enough, I just found one. It seems to be one of those specimens that were refurbished after 1945 in München-Aubing for railway use. I will have to investigate into that. I'm not interested in militaria or nazi remnants so it is a difficult piece to say the least.
I have it from a flea market vendor off ebay from Hagen (important german railway junction), so it might be more railway than military related.


I used it here for the size, It just has a buzzer. My interest for those are related to the impressing quality, and the fact that we still used one when I served in the Norwegian Coast Artillery in 82-83.




The 302 came in LB talk, CB signalling, The Ericsson came as LB intercom, The Amtsanschließer 33 was made to be trunk between CB and LB together with field telephones or field-exchanges. It could also be used as a trunk to magneto exchange with automatic ring-off, but then only as a trunk.