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Starting my first SxS Build.

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Hill Haven Telephone Company:
Last spring I got my line finders, selectors and selector shelf at the ATCA Show in May.  Finally got settled into the new house to bring them in. 

Im very excited to start on this build,   I still need connectors,  a connector shelf and a tone plant.   But here is what I have so far
My fiance is letting me build it in our living room :)

Looks like it will be a great setup. Your fiance is letting you build it in the living room?? Now that's a keeper! Keep us updated and plenty of pictures.

A keeper fo show!
My other part don't like ME in the LR!!!
Let alone my projects lol
she says the kids are ok, tho

Wow, that's great, my wife would not let me do anything even close to that in the house..
Keep us all posted on your progress on your switch.

Hill Haven Telephone Company:
Thats why im marrying her,  shes as much into phones as I. 


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