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BRATEK 271 (1987)

Started by dsk, December 20, 2019, 01:54:03 PM

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I just came over the Polish phone, it has such special dial, and look so I fell for it, and the diagram is quite special too, only 2 windings on the coil!



The receiver element is not a common one, it has a DC resistance of 240 oms, The Transmitterelement looks equal to what i may see in German phones, and the stamp OB68 lets me believe it may be a local battery transmitter element.  OB markings on German transmitter capsules are equal to LB.

The ringer was not working when I tested on 20Hz , but rang beautiful on 25, when I tested at 20 again, even that works fine.
The ringer impedance at 25Hz (of the phone) did I measure to 5069 ohms (+/- 10%) that will give a REN load compared to WE500 on about 1.38.



Local Battery would be abbreviated MB in polish according to this collector's site:
Chrome can translate it.
The Bratek phone ("pansy")  is interesting and distinctive as well as the Storczyk ("orchid").


Great pages, thank you.
This link will hopefully open it translated with google:
The translations are not perfect, but understandable.

What I read as OB68 on the Transmitter may be CB68, because CB 68 is described on these pages.


PS Received quick feedback from that page, and yes the right transmitter to that one is a CB 68, so my reading OB is probably wrong. I will try to correct the picture over.