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Siemens&Halske Fg tist 261b Telefon Trommelwähler

Started by dsk, May 12, 2020, 03:31:24 AM

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This is the best diagram I have found so far, but as you see it is as equal to W48 that I could use that too. The only difference I have seen so far is the resistance of the ringer coils. 2 coils of 480 ohms (960 Ohms)

So we are pretty close with the modified W48 diagram

Thanks to Arwin Schaddelee
I got this nice scan of the original digram.DS


One interesting detail on this design:
The push button (earthing button) can easily be turned into a makeshift flash key be opening the jumper 2 - W2 on the terminal board. A brief push will be recognized as a hookflash by many PABX.