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ATEA Magneto phone 1950

Started by dsk, May 26, 2020, 08:15:58 AM

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The ATEA telphone has been used in the area outside Oslo
PS Made of metal, not bakelite or plastic. Handset in bakelite.  Siemens receiver and transmitter capsules.  DS


Very nice, Is it metal or Bakelite?


Metal, quite heavy and formed so it is not easy to grab and move ;) dsk


There seems to be a gap in wisdom about a handle on a few types of old phones.
Gotta wonder, what were they thinking there???lol ;)


Yes, great differences between areas on design and circuitry.  Still the 302 and the Swedish model cam at the same time, and looks so equal..



Looks like the same housing as the multi line version


Yes, but that multi line phone has a grip or handle so you easily can lift it up, this is like lifting a bowl staying upside down on the table. The weight is twice the multi line.


Those were often hardwired with a short cord and not supposed to be moved.
The phone co. were very hesitant to offer longer cords than absolutely required. People would trip over them and break the phone easily.