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Western Electric European wall telephone 1921

Started by dsk, August 20, 2020, 01:52:30 PM

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Not many hundreds were imported to Norway.

I got this as parts from the son to a collector who never finished this project.
I have tried to put it back to its original state, and added a capacitor to lower the REN load.
The dial plate was not good looking and the dial had a strange pulse ratio with a long enough last pulse to give a an hook signal.
It was actually not restore-able by my opinion, but I made the new dial plate, and managed to adjust it to be accepted by my pax.  here is the original dial plate, matal beck, paper print and cellophane on top.

Now the phone works OK with a new transmitter capsule.



The tel-co did not be accurate in their descriptions but with 2 table top versions and the wall version they bought a total of 3000 phone from WE and SE with wiring diagrams called called WE21 WE29 and SE31 (The last was anti- sidetone)

Edit: maybe a better picture?


The pulse ratio of that dial was not acceptable for any of my equipment.

It did turn out acceptable, but not good, and far from within the standards.
I did use a dedicated software this time. (may be used on any windows pc with RS232 port)
I just glued in the first measurement in the picture of the last, and tried to make the timing scale equal.