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Another non-field-phone, Krone Streckenfernsprecher SF 882 "Post"

Started by countryman, December 27, 2020, 10:12:03 AM

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It really looks like a field phone, in mottled brown heavy bakelite and a rugged olive green canvas bag.
I got it given for Christmas, it has been noticed that I collect phones... I felt a little unhappy as I do not want field phones, but then there is this inscription POST.
It turned out that this is no (military) field phone although it looks and acts exactly like one. It's a Krone Streckenfernsprecher SF 882. Streckenfernsprecher ("route phone") is a railroad term. A phone used along the tracks, often in booths where LB line terminals to the next station were provided. Why this term was used for a set operated by the Bundespost (West German state phone co.) I could not find out. I guess it's use for linemen would be quite limited and I found no reference that it was a common practice.
My idea is that these sets were furnished as a civil defense reserve but never used. In fact these sets are not rare and almost none look "used", while many suffer from a cracked handset cord. Must have been a bad batch. Mine is OK.
I could not find a real date except on the transmitter, 6/73. There is a selector for LB/CB/FU operation. FU is for service with a remote two way radio using the ptt switch in the handset.
A hookswitch is provided for CB operation. An add-on dial also was available ("WZ 883"), but seems to be rare.
The handset cord can be stored inside the handset compartment, but is not easy to pack away. A design flaw.



This "field telephone" looks like it is inspired by the US EE-8. When we look at it it has connection for a rotary dial (3 pin plug) but still it is made for local battery transmitter in all cases. It has the possibility of remote controlling a transmitter just like the US TA-312/PT.

My guess will be that this will be one of the last made "field telephones" made to last and work after 100 years.  The EE-8 and the FF-33 may be good examples of such phones.


I eventually found the add-on dial SFwz883 (SF wz 883) for the phone. It is in fact quite rare, while the SF882 itself appears frequently.
It still is not my favorite phone but I could not resist when there was a chance to complete it.


Congratulations on the find.

The dial is a nice -- and interesting -- addition to the set.
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One must always try to remember, "it's not the gift that counts, it's the thought behind it".
I like it, I think you got a real gem there sir. ;)