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and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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Norwegian Elektrisk Bureau magneto / LB telephone 1934

Started by dsk, January 30, 2021, 04:09:37 AM

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The first standardized phone came in 1918, in 1934 it was time for renewal, anti sidetone circuit. rational production with the new material bakelite in some parts, and a convertible wall/tabletop phone. 
It actually turned out to change the fork from bakelite to metal in 1940, and it was so much better that they kept it that way after the war when bakeilte became more easy to get. This phone was made until the 1953 model came.

The transmitter cover was locked, and could be unlocked by pressing a needle in the hole marked with a red x

Now a pug and receptacle  became standard. 6 pins 1-2 for line 3-4 for 3V battery and 5-6 for extra ringer.



And of course it is a convertible wall/tabletop phone.
This old rusty one is missing the rubber feet, and line cord, so it has probably been used as a wall phone so here and in the next post I will upload pictures of how it looks during the process of converting back to wall phone.


Yes it is a rusty bad one usable for parts. We open it by winding the hand crank in counter-clockwise direction, and open the spring lock under. (if it is attached to a wall, it is hole to put in a needle or so to unlock it).
The cower (top) is hinged, and may be lift off the hings.
The hook switch assembly is fixed with 2 screws and by by removing one, and loosen the other it may be rotated 90 deg and fixed again.
Then we have to switch the hook (fork assembly) and the plate with the decal, ten put it all together and ... done.