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Analog Telephone Adapters

Started by Phonegal, December 16, 2020, 01:35:24 PM

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Quote from: Babybearjs on February 15, 2021, 04:07:45 PM
I refuse to chgange! I went with cable VOIP service 3 years back only to discover the cable modem could not be adjusted to drop the line voltage after a call was abandoned and my KSU used to get locked into a false hold cycle. I had to add a reset putton to the phone line in order to get the line to reset, used to hate it as it had to be done manually.... I went back over to a analog phone line as I don't need super fast internet and the cable company didn't have the features that Centurylink Telecom offers. One being the NO SOLICITATION announcement which comes in extremely handy for robo calls and other nonesence phone calls. Sparklink just can't offer these options.... so, since the price was no different, I switched back.... alawys be sure to examine the prices between prividers.... most of the time you package deals are the same.... its thge taxes that are the hard part.... cable doesn't charge so much....

As is often the case when dealing with service provider hardware. Forget that route get your own hardware and a provider . You can select the features you need in the hardware, and the plans from the provider. You can use polarity reversal and the like on most ATAs to ensure proper call disconnection. If however the device comes from the provider you probably do not have access to those settings, they will be locked down
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on the cable modem, that was the problem. I didn't kjnow at the time how to set the unit and there were certain settings that were locked.  I was really disappointed because I wanted to buy the modem, but Cableone want way too much for it and after I lost my roommate, I went ahead and changed back to centurylink. at least I know their system works with mine, so its compatable. I bought my DSL modem so thats mine now, and I understand how to change the features on it.... Plus, the phone companies system is self resetting.... so when a call gets abandoned, the system just times out....



Please give me a call at +15034897870 That is NOT Centurylink that you hear(But I now have the centurylink recordings to make it sound exactly like Centrurylink.) , but it does the same thing. Additionally I can use NoMoRobo and other solutions together with it.

That is a Raspberry Pi running Asterisk that make and receives calls via an obi202 connecting to a free google Voice account. Monthly Cost = $1 for 911 nothing more

Also I can use ANY ATA that I choose for connecting phones so I can use a pulse compatible ATA where necessary.

And BTW much like my brother's Centurlink Copper line once you start having issues they will never fix it. You will get sales pitch and special offers for Fiber while they dink around with it as their current techs have no idea how to fix it.  My brother is years into his woes now and finally is starting to believe that I can do just like Centrylink does with the anti spam, and in fact better.

Here is also why my own anti spam is better

Here are some "old school" prefixes in the Portland area

Any old school prefix on my system is pre-authorized. Why? Because Spam and robo calls almost never use these old school prefixes. I can also choose to whitelist your number a range of numbers or area code and prefix, just as I have many Old school numbers from much of Oregon and SW Washington.

I have ONE number that I give to people that is a google voice number that I can rout to the Google Voice App and other numbers as much as I want . Answering on Obi device gives me high quality VoIP quality and answering on Google Voice App gives me digital Cell voice quality. Of course calls routed to PSTN numbers do suffer higher latency and more likely to have quality issues.

WHen on a trip on my cell if I do not want to be bothered with calls no problem I disable forwarding to the mobile app.

Soon I will be porting my brothers line for him (as I did with an Aunt and uncle recently) to Google Voice

Only issue I have with Google Voice uis the dicey delivery of caller ID name which sometimes works but often does not. The numbers are there yes names no but apparently Obi is selling a service to overcome this and most likely it is Obi blocking name delivery.
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