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Advice on dating SC candlestick part variations.

Started by allnumbedup, March 30, 2022, 11:24:45 AM

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I am starting to put together a  SC 1150 candlestick with a small North dial. I have collected enough incomplete SC candlestick phones and noticed a few difference in parts. I would like an expert opinion on dating these correctly.  First part is the transmitter face. Looking at phones here, on ebay , and catalogs on TCI I can't seem to find any pattern for the two types of faces I have (pictured)---most catalog pictures show a blank face. I have pictured the two types: one has 'voltage code' C or L after a serial number.  The other type I have is blank with no serial number but has  CW or L in tiny stamped font--one is plated one is black painted .  The one that happens to be in the best shape is the blank that has a "L" which is what I am probably going to wind up using. The other difference is in two different kinds of upper shells for the 27 receiver I think is appropriate for a 1150.  I think the round top bevel edge one was used earlier in production because it looks like the shape of the first SC receiver with the nickel bottom like the ones used on their tapered shaft candlestick phone.  I found this shape in a 1919 price list on TCI. The other two are marked backwards BB-H and backwards BB-C. In mouthpieces, I have one with a outside S and inside K, a broken one with and inside A mark. Then I have a slightly smaller one with no marks  that may be rubber.  I suspect these broke often and may be aftermarket. Last question is cordage.  I have never seen a SC stick with anything but brown cord although some SC catalogs mention green and speckled cord. Anyone have cord besides brown on their SC stick? thanks JC
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Quote from: allnumbedup on March 30, 2022, 11:24:45 AM
I have pictured the two types: one has 'voltage code' C or L after a serial number.

IIRC, C is for common battery and L is for local battery.
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In the 1925 catalog they call their common battery phones "central energy" and  have the C transmitter designated for those plus note the CW is especially well suited to Bell Systems' low voltage high current' while L is local battery just as you said above.
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Jim Stettler

There is a newer collector book on SC sets.  copyright May 2021
I was able to get a 2nd edition a couple of months ago from ebay.

It has a lot of good info about SC sets including reference info

It is titled:
Stromberg-Carlson Telephones
History, Design and Restoration
by Joseph N. Uzel

I just looked and found a PDF version online for $9.99


It is a worthwhile book to own.
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