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Belgian RTT56

Started by countryman, October 21, 2022, 04:05:21 PM

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These are common phones, while most of them have been through the hands of "refurbishing" companies, preparing them for the decorator market. This is not subject of this post.
Usually there is a glued in diagram, which has been posted a couple of times already.
I had trouble fitting in a dial though. IMHO the diagram is not easily readable, especially the dial connections.
My task today was installing a (correct) BTMC 7019A dial.
(The RTT56 phones were made by ATEA and BTMC in Antwerp, which were competitors, but shared the design for the Belgian state phone co. RTT. Both used their own dials though.)
This is what I found out.
First pic is the glued in diagram with clarification where the dial wires go, plus schematic of the BTMC 7019A dial.
second pic shows the underside of the terminals with the dial wires soldered.
third pic shows the terminals of the dial.
My phone came without dial and dial cord. Apparently someone had unsoldered the wires from the terminals...


As you mentioned, the dials is made in at least 2 versions, those dials was pretty much used here in Norway, some with screw terminals, some with a slightly different layout on the terminals, but also with soldered cords on the dial for connecting to screw terminals in the phone.

It is not easy to determine the position of the crew terminals, but I did measure on one of mine and just numbered the terminals, and followed the contacts.

We may compare your dial with an AE 40 telephone dial, and the terminals there are in another layout.