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Wiring 302 base as subset for candlestick

Started by Jack Aman, February 07, 2023, 11:46:40 AM

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Jack Aman

Greetings!  I bought a candlestick just because I don't have one and thought it would look nice on the piano.  Sadly, it arrived hotwired.  It does work, sort of.  I attempted to connect to to a 302 base without success. I started with a diagram from the library, then many variations.  No success.  I have a four-conductor subset cord with red, green, yellow, black. Here is a photo of the candlestick base as it arrived and the base that I bought. Thanks in advance for any advice!


This sight, and TCI Library Home, both have wiring diagrams for desk stands connected 634/684 subsets, which are electrically the same as a 302 base.  However, they show it with a 2 series dial assembly, which has only 4 terminals.  Don't know how to do it with the newer 4, 5, and 6 series dials.  You might find it either at this sight or in TCI Library Home.  Also, you need to state which model desk Stand you have - 50AL, 151AL, etc.  Somebody with more knowledge about Desk Stands, (Candle Sticks), will probably soon be telling you how to do it.



To make a 5H, 4H, 2H, or 6A dial equivalent to the 2A which was originally used on dial candlesticks, connect BB and R dial terminals together with a short piece of wire ("strap").

What is the model of your phone? 50AL, 51AL, 151AL, or something else? Look on the "perch" that holds the transmitter for the model number.

Also, how many contacts are on the hookswitch -- 3? 4?
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Jack Aman

I think 51AL.  The perch has been painted or powder coated and the stamp is indistinct.  Will try to view the hookswitch tomorrow.  Thank you!