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Elektrisk Bureau of Norway field telephone 1904

Started by dsk, March 04, 2023, 02:57:57 AM

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This field telephone is dated by the transmitter stamp. 
Weight without battery 5.6kg

It is a magneto telephone, but does also hav a buzzer/howler that makes sound in the receivers on this and other phones.
This is the only phone I ever has seen wit a capacitor across the ringer!
It has some kind of selector so it may be used as a simple switchboard.

As far as I understand this was used by the armed forces before we got a standard telephone for all parts of the forces.

An article about the first field telephones in the Norwegian forces are readable for members of TCI here:


Some more, I opened it and measured as well I could with my Fluke and my Simpson. The capacitor reading sseems to be quite odd. The values may differ from the stamped values. The buzzer was measured to 1.5, and stamped 1.4 ohms.  The ringer was slightly more than 2 k ohms, but I rounded down to 2k.  


Love the looks of this one, the old style handset and all the knobs to play with is intriguing, LOL!
Great find sir!