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Help ID this Phone Systerm or Intercom System

Started by sptxs, November 09, 2012, 11:20:55 AM

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Hello Everyone,

I am new to the forum and to older phones and I need help identifying some equipment that was given to me by a co-worker.  The attached photos show two wall phones and what I am guessing is an interoffice communication switch.  Everything works and I can dial from one phone to the other and they buzz (not ring).  There are 10 positions that I can wire phones to and to buzz the other phone, you just dial that position.  Both phones are from Stromberg-Carlson.  I can't find any identification marks on the switch.  I would like to get some more of the phones but I am not sure what I am looking for.  All the phones I have seen on ebay seem to be phones with ringers and I am not sure if they would work with this system.

Any information on this system would be greatly appreciated.



Would that be like an early version PBX ? Does it have outside line capability. Maybe an interoffice intercom.  Like maybe a hospital, because of the buzzing and not ringing.

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The two wall phones are Stromberg Carlson and SC made switching equipment so it could be some sort of Stromberg Carlson Intercom System. Not that it has to be made by the same company that made the phones. There are 10 pairs of relays that could be line and cut off relays representing 10 stations.

I have never seen a unit like this but someone out there myust have. Any ideas?



I don't know what it is, but buy that co-worker a pizza and ask to rummage through his attic!!!


Hi everyone I have talked to a few so far. Thank you so much for all your help.   This is what I have and would like if someone could identify it?  My guess and I am a beginner strowger, though the hand set may have been updated I believe and the cover plate installed where the mouith piece was attached.  What do you think about restoring it or maybe using the parts for a subset? 

I cought this telephone bug like so many others.  My name is John, my collection consists of a we candlestick(gorgeous), s.h. couch candlestick, completely restored we 102 b1, my 1st restoration was simpler than my following ones. in short 3-102's, 2-202's all these have  been glass beaded blasted ( the finishes were terrible ) except for my 1st one, and they are being powder coated as we speak.  i have also collected a green 202 thats beautiful.  I have refurbed 4hh & 5h dials for all. A WE bed n breakfast, abd two ae 50 jukebox phones or tombstone. few misc. small phones that cought my eye.

Thanks for listening Thanx for all the advice

Thanx to Doug for the steel wool and avon treatment will post pix soon the  body's  looks great just as Doug said.   just ordered dial


        It just took 7 years for me to find this post , slow reader . You have a AE Type 21 Conversion telephone .
        AE Type 21 Automatic wall set not converted ,last pic .stub
Kenneth Stubblefield