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Phil's Western Electric Strowger Step by Step Exchange

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Phil's Western Electric Strowger Step by Step Exchange Pictures:

 A YouTube Video showing Phil's Stromberg Carlson X-Y Switch and his Western Electric Strowger Exchange in action:

To all:

I was just at Phil's last Saturday.  What a remarkable place!  He has put so much work and so many resources into his central office(s).  It is absolutely remarkable.  If anyone happens to be in the Portland, Oregon vicinity, you should consider looking him up.  Phil is about 50 miles from Portland, which is a pretty easy drive.

Not only does he have a central office with multiple switch types, he also has switchboards and two large display areas.  You might guess that he is an avid switcher.  He is also on C*Net.

Phil, great video~! looking forward to seeing it in person! John

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