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receiver diaphrams

Started by cchaven, March 24, 2013, 04:42:20 PM

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I've had a Leich candlestick for some years and today I rewired the original receiver back up to it.  The previous owner had put modern receiver and transmitter elements in it and wired it to a WE 685A.  It works fine but the receiver diaphram had a bit of a crease in it, so I swapped  it with another from a different receiver.  Oddly the one with the minute crease sounded a lot better..very noticable difference.  Even the dialtone.  I left the modern transmitter element installed since it's hidden behind the faceplate and I don't have a complete original.

These diaphrams look the same to me between different receivers....aren't they?



Generally the diaphragms are all made of the same material.  Some are laquered or have some protective coating at least on one side.  Mostly the difference is the diameter of the disc itself.  Sometimes we think a slightly smaller diameter will work, only to find that it doesn't.  The cap works in conjunction woth the edges of the diaphragm disc to clamp it to the rest of the receiver just so.

Corrosion, dust, dirt or any other foreign material will impede the diaphragm from doing its thing.
-Bill G