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What Did I Find?

Started by Nick in Manitou, March 24, 2013, 09:30:00 PM

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Nick in Manitou

Traveling to Taos and Santa Fe this weekend and stopped at an antique shop...nothing of interest until on leaving we saw a box of phone parts outside on the porch...

Attaching photos of a couple items included in the bunch...

Now, all I need to know is...what did I find?

On the handset, the receiver is stamped on the case, "WESTERN ELECTRIC MADE IN USA 141W 70"

The loop on the handset seems to be spring-loaded, and there is a stamp of 2AC on the metal part of the top of the handset.

The transmitter tag shows, "WESTERN ELECTRIC MADE IN USA 267W" with, "PAT IN USA JULY 31 06 MAY 28 07 DEC 31 07 MAY 11 09" on the underside of the transmitter cup.

Also in the box of stuff (I assume NOT candlestick related) was a box with a wax-sealed "RECEIVER UNIT" as shown in the 2nd photo.

I looked in SargeGuy's Transmitter list and didn't see the 267W.

Any input on what I bought?  I have never been this close to phone parts earlier than a 202.



Here's a thread on it:

That's a Western Electric 1002 handset.  It is meant to hang off a hook, pulling the ring up/ hanging it on the hook disconnects the phone.
Greg Sargeant
Providence, RI
TCI /ATCA #4409

Nick in Manitou


Thanks for the link.  After not finding anything on the forum when I searched, I posted my question, and then went to Google Images and searched for Western Electric handsets.  I kept looking through the photos until I found one that linked me to Doug Rose's thread about his example of one of these.

Also included in the lot of stuff I purchased was a S.C. Box that perhaps I could get to work with this handset?  I have only glanced at the magneto box, so I don't really know what shape it is in, (I'm now in a hotel and the box is in the car) but I'm sure that I will be doing some research.  (I did see that the bells and magneto were there, but I didn't want to seem TOO interested!)

I will post some more photos (and more questions, I am sure) when I get these items home later this week.


When identifying Western Electric handsets, you can also start at this page:

It includes a brief description and catalog or BSP references.
Visit:         WE  500  Design_Line


Nick in Manitou

Thanks Paul,

I should have thought of your site first!

Nick in Manitou

Here are some additional photos of "stuff" from the box I bought.

There is what I assume is a receiver arm from something.  It seems to have been plated, but now it is sort of gray with a greenish tint.

There are two "Made in Taiwan" cranks and three interesting items with wires attached to split rings.  Can someone identify what they are?

Also in the box were a 7D-3 dial dated 6-56 and (3) 30-G dials dated '70, '72 and '73.  What were the 30-G dials used on?

Also, the wooden box has a Stromberg-Carlson Magneto in it and the ringer, but nothing else is there.  Any ideas of the model number for this, or where I might go to find it? The Schematic is labeled as T20 and shows a 3 bar magneto but the magneto in the box is a 4 bar.  (It may be obvious by now that I don't know anything about what I am talking about!)

Thanks for any assistance!


The green wires with rings are, for example, using a T-1 transmitter to "upgrade" an old transmitter face on a candlestick or wood wall phone.
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