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WE 555 Switchboard

Started by trainman, March 02, 2016, 07:36:47 PM

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Well, it wouldn't fit it I turned it to go side first. It has to go in front first. If its truly not more than 29 inches wide, it will just squeeze in the inner door.

Im waiting for pictures to confirm its a complete pbx.


What makes a 551b more desirable? I prefer the look of the 555.


The 551 switchboard was the long-running predecessor to the 555; they were made starting in the 1920s.  So naturally, the 555 is a little more modern looking.  But desirability among collectors is usually higher for the less available items. 551s simply have a lot lower chance of having survived.


Well,  check my ebay link on on of the past posts. If yoy can crack the seller, you might get a 552. Or maybe its a 551 with the relays removed. Who knows.

Pick up Des Plaines IL