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How many of you actually use your antique phones?

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I have several in use, or ready for use should I suddenly feel a need 8) Right now, several early 302s, a 151AL W.E. CS, D1 mount with an E1 handset. The 302s drive my wife crazy at times. Those loud brass bells sure make plenty of noise when angry ;)

At the moment, I have the following hooked up

two 302s
three 500s
two 554s
and an AE40

Only the 5302 and the subset for the 151AL ring.

A 202 with the subset in the living room, and a 302 downstairs. I'll probably use the black Trimline that I've had since 1970 in the spare bedroom.
Can't find by dial Princess, misplaced it and packed it away during the move in '04. Probably in the garage's rafters (I hope it didn't get left behind)

Have a 354 in the kitchen, it rings.

Two 500s in the office on the missus and my desks, only the 1954 model rings on her desk.

A Trimline in the den, no ring.

A 2500 in the guest office, they sometimes need touch tone, no ring.

A Princess in the master bedroom, it rings and the light works.  (Used a spare transformer I had laying around and wired it into the black and yellow wires of the jack, yeah I'm El Cheapo)

Planning on hooking up the Franken554 in the garage when I get to it, and it will ring.

There is one modern phone, a cordless with answering machine, in the kitchen, it does not ring and is rarely used by anyone in the family.  Keep it around mainly as a touch tone emergency phone. 

Three phones at the moment.  A 202/634A in the living room, and a '57 500 in the bedroom.  There's a cordless in the kitchen that I rarely use, and which has it's "ringer" turned off.


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