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List of Western Electric Service Centers

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WE had various locations for their Distributing Houses, later renamed Service Centers. Phones that were remanufactured there are often marked with a single letter (such as P for Philadelphia) or later two letters (such as NO for New Orleans). Sometimes you will see the single letter in a box stamped on reissued parts such as receivers on desk stands (candlesticks). In the 1960s, remanufactured phones (R stock) had a code such as WAR where the second letter indicated the location.

If you have any additional information on the single letters, or any additional locations, please reply. (One 1950s WE ad said there were 32 Distributing Houses.)

They supplied just about everything to the Bell companies, including many items from other manufacturers. The repair shops where phone company owned (and later customer owned) phones were remanufactured were also onsite at these locations.

Single Letter:

Here is a list of 27 locations as of November, 1983:

Region 1:

BO   New England
CN   Connecticut
SY   Syracuse
NY   Manhattan

Region 2:

NJ   New Jersey
PA   King of Prussia
WA Washington DC

Region 3:

AT Atlanta
CA  Charlotte
MI  Miami
NA  Nashville
NO  New Orleans

Region 4:

MD  Minneapolis
OA  Omaha
IL    Illinois
MK  Wisconsin
MN  Michigan
CD  Cleveland

Region 5:

DA  Dallas
HU  Houston
KA  Kansas City
DN  Denver
PX   Phoenix
ST   St. Louis

Region 6:

LA Southern California
SE Washington
SN Northern California

Source: Material Logistics Customer Premises Equipment and Supplies Catalog, AT&T Information Systems, Issue One, November 1983.

Lists of Western Electric locations were periodically published in various employee publications.
One example from 1967 is in the TCI Library ...

Single Letter:

K---Kansas City
N---New York
S--St. Louis

H---? [Hawthorne?]
F----? [San Francisco?]

O---?                 http://www.classicrotaryphones.com/forum/index.php?topic=17904.msg184811#msg184811    3/30/17
T----?                 http://www.classicrotaryphones.com/forum/index.php?topic=17915.msg184949#msg184949    3/31/17                                   

Here is a tag from a 101 subset showing the single letter in combination with a number used to indicate a specific employee/tester:

Mechanical inspection was conducted by N20 and Electrical inspection was completed by N84.  Does the single letter N signify a place?  New York?


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