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Telephone Types
•Desk stands (candlesticks)
•Hand Telephone Sets (A, B, C, D, E, G handset mountings, 102, 202 telephones) -- Reply #10
•300-type Telephone sets -- Reply #9
•500-type telephone sets -- Reply #82
•554-type wall telephones -- Reply #83
•Princess, Trimline telephones -- Reply #83
•1500 and 2500 series Touch Tone telephones -- Reply #83

•302 telephone base differences -- Reply #37
•Induction coils -- Reply #48
•Transparent finger wheels -- Reply #87

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INDEX to date range tables

Telephone Types

* Desk stands (candlesticks)
* Handset mountings/hand telephone sets (A,B,C,D,E,G) with subsets
* 300-type combined telephone sets
* 500-type telephone sets
* 554-type wall telephones
* Princess, Trimline telephones
* 1500 and 2500 series Touch Tone telephones

* 302 telephone base differences
* Induction coils
* Transparent finger wheels

  Earliest Actual Dates Found: Latest Reported: Latest refurbish date found:
  reported: Earliest: Latest:

________________________________________ ___________
Dial Desk Stands: ("Candlesticks") (not dated before 1929 except for transmitters starting c. 1926)

50-AL.........c. 1919-1925?....
  #549-B receiver cord. #550-B desk stand cord (3-conductor). Two #547-B cords for transmitter
  4-conductor #395-B dial cord ("harness") -- Later called "395-B Switch Cord" (C32.460, i1).
  Patent Dates On Side Or Front:
  --PAT IN USA AUG 16 04 SEPT 13 04 JAN 26 15 JAN 1 18
  --PAT IN USA SEPT 13 04 JAN 26 15 JAN 1 18 MAY 7 18
  Patent Dates on Front Rim: PAT IN USA JAN 26 15 JAN 1 18 MAY 7 18 SEPT 21 20

51-AL.........c. 1925-1930... (shown in 1925 WE Catalog #6)[/color] 229 - 130 (No date stamp before 229)
  --PAT IN USA JAN 26 15 JAN 1 18 MAY 7 18 SEPT 21 20
  --3-conductor D3A deskstand cord --  5  1/2 feet
  --2-conductor R2A receiver cord -- 2  1/2 feet
  --3-conductor D3B Switch Cord ("harness") -- 9 inches

  --T1A transmitter cord -- 9  7/8 inches


151-AL (conversions only)...c. 1931-1948 C32.401, Issue 1, 6-1-31
  --5-conductor switch cord "harness." Typically, this is a 3-conductor D3B cord, with 2 additional (yellow and blue) conductors wrapped on the outside of the original cord.


152-AB.(conversions only) with head receiver. 1962

2-Type Dials 

    2A (c. 1920-1930) "Y BK BB W" terminals 841R1243
           "2A" stamped on back, no patent info, unmarked finger stop
                  with no WE markings or patent dates
                  with WE markings on outside rim of dial

   "2A" stamped on finger stop (along with second letter):
           With writing on outside rim of dial:
                  PAT APP FOR
                  Patent dates: AUG 13 12 AUG 24 15 DES MAY 7 18 SEPT 13 21
           With patent dates on back of dial 130 -- 230 430

D-75797 D-75978 with plain finger stop; no "operator" on number plate
       PAT APP FOR on outside rim
      Patent Dates on outside rim

Note: 2H, 4H or 5H dials can be used on dial desk stands if BB and R terminals are strapped.

      323 JAN. 1928
      337 130440T446T
      635A ("Bulldog" with F1 transmitter unit)
     323>337conversion 143T

      143/144 228--earliest stamped date found; most are undated
      706A (with HA1 receiver unit)

Receiver Cord:
     #549-B (for 50-AL)
     R2D II 39

Desk Stand Cord: (from phone to subset)
    #550-B (for 50-AL)
    D3A (for #51-AL and #51-CM) 30 - 32
    D3AK I 55 (twill weave)
    D4U (151-AL, 152-AB)
    D4AN (151-AL, 152-AB)

WALL SETS with separate transmitter and receiver:

    533A 230

Metal Wall Set with dial, separate transmitter and receiver: 1920-1946
  1553A (sidetone)
  with 2A dial
  1653A (antisidetone) II 36 - I 45 -1946 (dates of new sets)
  with 4H dial
  with 5H dial 1939 -

  with 146B induction coil
  with 101-type induction coil III 37

1653 E-F-G-H (harmonic ringers for frequency selective ringing on party lines)
    653H   III 37

  ________________________________________ ________________________________________
Subsets, common battery:

Sidetone:== 3-conductor cord from subset to phone == for 102, 20 AL, 40 AL, 50 AL, 51 AL. (May also be used with 202 or 151AL: Tape and store black conductor in mounting cord or desk stand cord)


295A (oak or walnut).............c.1905
  21-D Condenser:
  2.0 uF.......c. 1905-1914?
  1.0 uF.......c. 1918?- ?

295BP (cow gongs)

334A (steel, exposed gongs)...c.1916-
  6A ringer, 25A gongs, 20 Induction Coil {C31.101, Issue 1, 2-15-33==TCI Library}
534A (steel, enclosed gongs)..c. 1920-1930(?)
  With No. 20 Induction Coil and 8A ringer
  With No. 46 Induction Coil and 8A ringer
  With No. 46B Induction Coil and 8A ringer
  With No. 46B Induction Coil and 68A ringer (inverted gongs) c. 1929-1930
  Note: 8A has 29A gongs painted black; 68A uses 29C eccentric gongs (oxidized brass)

584A (brass with Bakelite cover)..c.1930-1943......... 230....I 42
  46C induction coil, 78A ringer

Anti-sidetone: (for 202, 211, 140AL. 151 AL, 152 AB) == 4-conductor cord from phone to subset
434A (conversions only)
  146B induction coil {C31.111, Issue 1, June 1931} (TCI Library)
  101A induction coil {C31.101 Issue 3, July, 1953} (TCI library)

495BP (conversions only)--Cow gongs

634A (Steel) (Conversions only?)

684A (Bakelite cover) II 31 - II 37
  146C Induction Coil 2 31 -
  101-type Induction Coil IV 34 -
  78A ringer II 31 - 1949

634BA (Steel, high impedance ringer) (Conversions only?)

684BA (Bakelite cover, high impedance ringer III 36...12/55
  78JA ringer
  B1A/B1AL ringer

NOTE: The base of a 302 set can also be used as an anti-sidetone subset.
________________________________________ ___________________________

Conversions and modifications:
All 151-AL desk stands are conversions
All 5302s are conversions
All 434A subsets are converted from sidetone 334A subsets.
All 495BP subsets are converted from 295-type (sidetone) such as 295A or 295BP.
Many sidetone 553A wall phones were converted to 653A anti-sidetone.
Many 534A subsets were converted to 634A or 634BA.
Many 584A subsets were converted to 684A or 684BA.

2-type converted to 4H:
  with 4H style single contacts
  with Twin (bifurcated) contacts                         R I 41 - 146T 5-48T

Original 4H dials found on remanufactured 302s     I 35 - IV 37
4H: twin contacts added:
  straight W contact spring                                                          R II 41 - 841T
  W contact spring with offset                                                   342M - 1-49T

Old Dial Distribution on a small sample of 302s:

Furnished (as found on non rebuilt sets)--other than 5H:

1938: Unmodified 4H (i.e. single contacts)
1939: 2A>4H with single contacts (W terminal next to governor)
1940: 2A>4H--both single contacts and twin contacts (TC)
1941: Unmodified 4H and 2A>4H TC

Examples found on Original (dates matching) Sets
1937: Original 5H dials dated IV 37 found on 11-37 and 12-37 sets
1938: Unmodified 4Hs found: (III 37 on) 2-38 set, (undated on) 3-38, (I 37 on) 4-38.

1939: 2A>4H converted dials--with single contacts found on 302s dated 6/39, 6/39, 8/39

1940: 2A>4H converted dials with single contacts found on 302 dated 12/40.
  2A>4H with twin contacts on 11/40 and another 12/40 set.

1941: 2A>4H converted dials with twin contacts found on 10/41 plastic set;
  4H found on another 10/41 plastic set.

1945: 2A>4H twin contacts found on 12/45 set

Found on remanufactured sets:

2A >4H TC on 7-37/R54
2A>4H TC "146T" on 1-39/11-53A
Unmodified 4H dated I 35 found on 6-47/R54 set



Added info:

302 with standard size plungers: oldest I found Nov. 1937

302 baseplate:
  Flat: newest found 7-37 reported 11-37
  With one boss for redesigned condenser mount: oldest I found Nov. 1937; newest 8-38
  With added square boss for inverted 101A induction coil: oldest found 9-38
  With added rectangular boss for condenser: oldest found Jan. 1940

  With 4 holes for ringer mount: newest Feb. 1939
  Without these holes: oldest March 1939

H-1 stamped in metal outside: newest found  6-38
H-1 stamped inside in vermilion: oldest found 12-38  11-38[/s]7-38

Kenton K:
I have a totally flat 302 base plate from 11-37. One without the condenser 'bump'.

*Trying to close the gaps on the above in order to update the table. Does anyone have any of the following:

--Any number plates dated II 38, III 38, or I 54
--Number plate dated III 53 with black dot
--Any 4H dial newer than I 38 II 38 (found one dated II 38)
--WE 5H dial later than 1-52 9-52 12-52
--WE 5J dial after 12-52

--Original painted metal 302s--other than black--any date
--Original metal 302 later than 6/46
--Any 1936 or 1937 302 with original dial
--Any Continental or Imperial before 1955 or after 1956

--F1 handset made after 10/44  7/45 and before 4/46
--Black thermoplastic F-1 handset--any dates

--3-conductor 1942-1944 mounting cord (line cord) for 302--cloth cord with cloth covered conductors
--Any rubber jacketed cords before 1946

Does anyone have a 302 made between 1942 and 1944 with original cords?


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