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New Cord Kit an idea!


New Cord Kit an idea!

Tired of having to search for my crimpers, lugs, RG connectors, etc. every time I repair a cable, and having just ordered more small spade crimp terminals to add to the mess, I decided it was time to put together a single cord kit to keep all of the items together.

I bought a cheap plastic container, to hold not only my RG crimper, but also my lug crimper, RG-9, RG-12, and RG-45 connectors, and also my small and medium spade terminals, pin terminals, and finally my network cable tester keeping them all in the same place. I have also been able to fit my Guild Tip GCL 49112 pliers in the same box as well.

Speaking of the tips, I have tried a de-soldered tip terminal in it, and it does a good job, cutting three notches into the barrel of the tip and poking one end of each through the cloth cord to make contact with the tinsel, and for additional strength, putting a circular indentation  around the upper part of the barrel. Needless to say, it would work better with brand new clean tips which don't have a build up of solder.

I have ordered 10 mew pin connectors  from Phoneco along with my new brass crimp terminals. Not a lot, but for the number I use, they should last for a while. Once I receive the tip connectors, I will do one crimp and photograph it so people can see how this tool works to make a crimp.

There is all kinds of room to add my 300 small brass crimp terminals and ten pin tip connectors when they arrive.

If it weren't for the fact that I end up having to repair and make special purpose cords all the time, it wouldn't be worth it, but it sure will be convenient to have it all in one container!


An explanation of how the CGL Pin crimper works moved to our discussion on the crimper at:


Now, here is something funny which came out of this. I decided I was running short of RJ-45 connectors, so ordered 200 for China. Now, I have ordered these before and normally they arrive in bags of 50 or 100.

Well, was I every surprised yesterday when I received a package the size of a medium sized pillow and just as fluffy arrived in the mail. At first, I figured that they had shipped the wrong item.... Nope! I opened it and found each and every connector wrapped in its own individual heat sealed bag! Talk about over packing!

Two hours later, I had a full garbage pail of opened plastic bags, and my 200 connectors sitting bare in a box!

It is amazing for connectors that only cost $3 a hundred that they would come in $2 of packaging!

By the way, I have found having everything in the one kit had been a great help. I no longer have to search around my workshop looking for connectors, or for a crimper - now, I just reach for the kit, and it is all there.


Your cord kit is a most excellent idea!  I used to live and work on a farm.  I assembled different kits for different types of farm machinery.  I found my kits made things a lot easier.

Dave shares a lot of great ideas, I made up a kit like that last week after reading this thread.


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