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For those who donít know how to use a multimeter safely.

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I got this book last summer at a neighbors house after he passed away. My wife and I took care of the estate and etc. Anyway I saw this book and decided it would be great for my kids so they can learn how to use a multimeter. I looked it over lots of times and thought you know there would be someone who could benifit from the book, so I looked up one on eBay.
It's not expencive and it's brand new.
So for those who might have a multimeter but are not really up to speed on using one safely, this is a great read.

Loaded with a lot  of great information on using an analog or digital multimeter.
Here are a couple shots.

Sorry about the first, I forgot to change my camera position
( Edit: Image removed, rotated and re-attached )

Sometimes you fail, I had got a 12v 35W converter for xenon lamp. It did not work as it should, so I did put in my voltmeter. It should be about 400V so I started with the meter at max range 1000V   
By some reason the readable signals came as smoke signal ;D but at least I could be sure that the unit did deliver power.

I had no meter with higher range, so what to do? I took a 36W fluorescent tube and connected one wire in each end, and yes it worked like a charm ..

I bought a new meter  ;)


Don't you hate that, when you smoke your meter...
Earlier on when I started using one, it was a cheap ten dollar meter, but I fried it so well even the needle curled. Over volting a analog meter is just not good.
I have meters now that can't over volt it blocks and so far just reads OV. It's digital so I think they are better these days. But 1 k volts is a lot of voltage.

Doug Rose:
I still have a 30+ Year old Fluke in my B Box, itís been awhile since I've used it....that reminds me to check he batteries  8)...Doug

Yea, I always take the batterys out when I'm done. Especially my good meters.


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