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I got tired of looking through three tool boxes for my most used tools... So

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Well years ago I bought a tool case that looked a lot like the one shown below..
It was cheap or so I thought, but it worked for years. But as it aged it started failing apart. And I'm a guy who can't sit still all day.
So I've been looking for the past few years for a newer one that would hold up to drops and getting kicked around.
My first one ( grey looking) was ok but the dividers would move and then things would get jumbled.
So last week I decided I'm doing it. I got it today.

I'm still working on seting it up. Been a busy afternoon.

This is my new one, way more rugged than my old one.
And though the dividers don't let me make smaller spaces like my old one did. These won't come out if the box gets dropped. Like the other one would.
I have a few tools in it already but I'm going to the shed tomorrow for the rest. Then I can finish the lay out.
Good for telephone work and electrical work as well.
It's made by Keter, and I looked at it a few years ago, and looked at cheaper ones but decided to get this.
Glad I did.

It's really strong, if it takes a drop, the dividers stay in place and don't move. Empty it weighs in at 9 pounds.
I'm,still setting it up placing tools, so I'll put up more pictures later.

Just starting out..

Nice progress :)

Thanks Rod, not a lot considering. But I was busy this afternoon with my youngest boy, so I didn't have a lot of my time before he came home from school.
I've litterly been working out of three tool boxes, and it's been hard to remember what's in what box.
I did have my butt set, toner and probe in the house since last fall, so I knew right where they were.
So tomorrow I go get the rest, punch tool, crimpers ends, and some extras then I can have then in this new box and then I'm set. My older son will get one of my old tool cases to have for his tools, at 13 he loves carpentry work, he's helping a guy about my age do some Reno in a house.
But anyone looking for one of these, Wal-Mart online has the best price around like $28. With shipping.

I looked at Hart brand, decided against it because they break easy. Harbour freight because they are more $$ and break easy as well.
This brand seems strong and it holds up well.
I paid like $45 for my old one thought was a great deal, but the dividers were junk. My tools were often going all over the box because the dividers kept coming out. So I finally had my fill, and gave it away, and I wanted another, but wasn't going to just jump into and other like my last one.
I honestly with the dividers were a bit more higher and more versatile as far as placement. But I can live with this and deal with how things are.
I'll post the final few pics tomorrow after it get the set up finished. Then when it comes to doing telecom and electrical, I'll know where everything is easily.
I've actually got several people in my community who still use land line service and have needed some help relocating jacks and trouble shooting problems.
And when they found out I can do that work, at a fraction of the price of someone else, ice actually had some fun doing this stuff again!


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