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Crimper for Spade Lugs

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I have been messing with different crimper to attach spades with. I own a few different ones that I have used over the years for cars but they are not correct. I finally broke down and bought the proper pair. I found them on eBay and made an offer of $4.00, it was accepted. With $2.99 shipping it comes to $6.99 total, good price in my opinion. I will see what kind of quality it is when I get it but it states from radio Shack and they usually have decent stuff. You can see it here:
Also the spades are available on eBay cheaper than our suppliers.

Harry, I have a pair of crimpers just like those, from Radio Shack, and they're fine for crimping spades for handset and mounting cords for WE phones. It's been a while since I used them, but they seem to do the job fine each time.

I got spades from an eBay seller that are a perfect match for the WE ones, so they look fine. I do leave a little of the tinsel draped over the wire insulation before I crimp, just to make sure I get a good connection. With the wire being the age it is, the penetrating part sometimes looks a little questionable.

Harry, That looks like a nice crimper that is about $3 cheaper than you can get at the Radio Shack store.
Here are the piercing terminals that I bought there,
> <
It doesn't say what tool should be used to crimp these but the tool that you got looks right.
Are you supposed to strip any insulation off of the tinsel wire when you use these terminals?
I assumed that you didn't. I have only used these on four wires and three made contact & one didn't.
What's the deal? Am I doing something wrong? If I am doing something wrong, I did it last year so it doesn't count towards 2011.  ;D

I have one exactly like that which I got from Odis Levrier before he sold House of Telephones to Old Phone works.  It's the only crimper I use, and it makes flawless crimps every time.  It took a little practice for me to understand just how to do it to get the perfect crimp, but eventually I got it.

OPW sells two sizes of spades, and I buy them in a bag of 100 each because I wind up doing so many.  The large spades are for the fabric and neoprene covered cords such as the thicker line cords and handset cords.  The smaller ones work well when making a half modular cord out of a full modular cord where the wires inside are much smaller than the older line cords.  The smaller ones also work well on the later line cords and handset cords of the later 500's where the wires are much smaller.

Radio Shack may still carry the crimper too.  

I am amazed at how many e-bay sellers try to show off the insides of a phone that have connections done with an automotive crimper and automotive spades.  Yes, they work, but they look awful.

Harry, the price you paid was "priceless"  :)

Doug, as far as stipping the insulation off the wire, no you don't do that.  The proper spades have a little self-piercing tip inside to pierce the insulation and make contact with the wire when the crimper clamps it to the wire.

Occasionally, I will get one that does not work, and I have to snip it off and re-crimp.  My experience is about one in one hundred, so not very often.  You have to develop the method, and I can post some pictures and a narrative this week-end some time if it would help everyone

Happy crimping.

Thanks Bill, looking forward to the tutorial. Do you have the OPW part # of the two sizes that you use?
I wasn't quite sure what Jonathan meant by draping the tinsel.
Radio Shack still has the tool - > <
If I got 1 out of 4 bad, then that means the next 96 should be good. Right?


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