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Dennis has created a number of new boards for payphone queries, and I have moved a number of Payphone related messages to the new areas. Terry, AE_collector is also helping with moderation of this section - thanks, Terry!

Please pay attention when you post to place your messages in the appropriate board.

Cocot telephones should be discussed in the "Other" category, as should brands that don't have their specific board. This has been done to help you sort out the messages. Please don't post in the root directory - use the board pertaining to your individual phone.

General or non brand specific discussions should go under the "General Discussion" category as should discussions common to all payphones, handsets, keys, armoured cords, etc.

I have a large collection of payphone schematics/BSP's. Email me if you are looking for drawings, and I will see if I can help out.

Please post any suggestions you have for payphone conversions to the appropriate area, and feel free to ask those questions. Hopefully, one of the board users can help!




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