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SA 13: WE 1950s Blue 304 Project Phone Special Contest - Ended 06-21-15

Started by TelePlay, June 15, 2015, 12:37:55 AM

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Wow! The reserve was somewhere north of $933! Didn't sell but Sargeguy won another one and the seller gets to keep his phone.


The winner of this Special Auction Contest is Sargeguy who with the 8th guess of the contest offered a winning guess of $875.00 to get his second win in the Special Auction Contest Standings. The item did not sell in that the reserve (whatever it was and it was indeed quite high) was not met. The high bid, which was also the first, the one and the only bid was $933.00 by 9***9 ( 4222 ). The bid was placed about 5 hours before the auction ended and two last second sniped failed to top his high bid. However, this auction ended with the seller winning the phone, thanks to his high reserve bid, but it was a win for Sargeguy.

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