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Field trial "302" set

Started by rdelius, December 09, 2010, 08:23:36 PM

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This set was bought at the Charlotte Metrolina flea market in the mid 1990s
Serial # 720. I-36.The label was damaged from a ringer cut off switich installed in back. Holes were drilled to hold the set down .
I have extra rec capsules


part 2


Adam Forrest
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Very interesting.  Are there any date markings?



first quarter 1936.only the ringer,ind coil and tx capsule are similar to production parts.The rec capsule has a later date ,but is different than a ha1


Funny, I used to frequent the metrolina flea markets MANY moons ago, before I had any serious interest in phones. But I remember the tables full of old phones...oh, what might have been....

Doug Rose

Robby....another great phone from your collection. You don't see these every day. Great F1 handset with two piece transmitter cap. Metal on inside of shell is not painted, this sure is a beauty.....really nice phone....Doug


WOW :o
Amazing phone!! Can you transcribe the label inside? My old eyes cannot read it all. Thanks.
We have a field trial 302 & 500 in the group! Very Cool ;D
Harry Smith
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Harry: Check out the label on the set on this page...
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Russ Kirk

Sounds like you have an historical phone on your hands.
- Russ Kirk


Interesting. The capacitor looks like those inside some AE40 models.


You have a definite keeper.

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Dan, doesn't your '48 500 prototype also have a long number that starts with the letter D? 

I think the "D" stands for "Definitely a Field Trial" model!


That would be one of the rarest ever of the 302 series. 

Reason why: note that there is no side cutout for the handset cord exit; both cords exit from the single rear cutout in the housing.  That design was changed almost immediately to the one with a side entry hole for the handset cord.  The only other field trial 302 I've seen pictures of, had the side handset cord entry (and was the subject of lengthy discussion here).  There are probably very very few in existence today that have only the rear cord entry.

Re. the hole someone drilled in the back for the ringer cutoff switch: you can find black plastic hole plugs at decent hardware stores, and probably find one that fits.  It will still be visible as a bump in the back of the phone, but it's better than leaving the drilled hole visible.

For the improper drilled holes in the base, consider just touching up the bare metal edges of them with a permanent ink black marker.  That will make them less visible. 

Or, depending on the opinions of various experts here, you might consider filling all the improper holes with some kind of epoxy or filler material and then trying to match the paint.  Some might go so far as to say it's OK to repaint the housing, if that can be done without need to remove the Bell Labs sticker inside.   Though, if I had one of those, I'd just stick to the hole plug in the rear (since it's removable without damage) and touching up the improper screw holes in the base.

Anyway, you found a major rarity there.  Congratulations!