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Odd dial? What is it for?

Started by RB, April 18, 2021, 08:57:46 AM

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Saw this, wondering what it went with?


Seller eBay description:  "1934 - 1940s Bakelite-Brass Rotary Dial  -  With precious metal contact points. Metropolitan (red numbers, black letters). Must've been used right up until area codes began since it says "Area Code 712 (and # 873 4650) " under the clear celluloid center dial window. I was told that the contact points on these have either platinum or palladium on them; I don't recall. So the contacts may be worth more than $12? When I pick it up, finger wheel returned a little bit stubbornly and my need some lube but is still in good condition. North Electric in Galion Ohio was big on dials and switching apparatus. This possibly and perhaps likely the last dial they made. After they got going on/with Ericofones, you didn't hear much about their other products. There were probably 4 or more versions of the North rotary dial. Their earlier dials had a cam thing that fell off easily making the dial not functional. Untested"

Doug Rose

it is a North Dial with a Bakelite finger wheel.

Went on North Galion phones and SC used north dial a lot...Doug


Auction pics for further reference.

This dial must be different in height, as other dials will need a spacer to go into a North Galion:


Thanks for the replies.
Still learning about this hobby :)