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Odd find in AE40 Type 24 dial with silencing pawl

Started by RotoTech99, April 19, 2021, 06:49:07 PM

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Dear Forum:

I have an AE40 with a 24 Type dial and what I believe to be a silencing pawl... I think this is pretty good for a AE 24 dial... It has the 3 shunt contacts and 2 pulsing contacts; I didn't see any stamped ink markings on it

It functions well, I'm just curious if there is any documentation that mentions it, and if any Forum member has seen a Type 24 dial with the silencing pawl, please?

If anyone can answer this, I thank you.


Jack Ryan

Some pictures of the dial and the pawl would help.

Is it marked "Type 24"? Was it made by AE?

The AE Type 24 dial didn't provide click suppression. The 24A36 added a flat spring to quiet the pawl. The Type 51 used a friction type pawl lever to fully silence the pawl.

Kellogg made a version of the 24A36 with a different silencing mechanism.
There were also TA-45 dials made by several manufacturers for the US Signal Corps.



Dear Jack:
Attached are photos of the dial I mentioned..

I saw no embossed markings, but there was a vermillion letter "B" above the spring assembly.

The spring assembly #AK25(?) attaches with 2 screws to the dial.

The silencing pawl looks to be a lever type;

This could be a rebuilt 24 type dial, but it operates nicely, and only needed a couple drops of oil to free it up.

I'm still mighty impressed; most AE40's I run into have the 51 or 51A dial.



Dear Jack:

I hope the photos help you find out just what kind of dial that is in my AE40... It works well, it's just a little odd it doesn't have AE markings on it.

The set is a L-4123 ESL JF7, with a matching wiring diagram, I'm not sure on the gold decal, though; it has 6 patent numbers, and the Chi ago7 on it, but from its looks it appears to be a newer repro decal as I have heard of before.

I suspect my set is a refurb, but outside of 2 very slight chips on the bottom rear lip of the case, and some missing enamel on the grip, it looks very nice to me.

I like to have a phone that for once I don't have to rack my brain a lot on.

Let me know what you think,