"The phone is a remarkably complex, simple device,
and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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Pretty soon I am sure someone like Amazon will sell you a Brain interface for some AI like that but they could drop support at any time just like other tech solutions that Amazon has offered

The result might be brain death but no worries
I had successfully registered with ChatGPT a few hours ago. ChatGPT also knows about Asterisk. He even wrote me a simple Asterisk configuration for 3 participants and delivered the sip.conf and extension.conf. But the context under [general] was missing. I complained about this and ChatGPT made a suggestion. Amazing for a start.

But not only that. I wanted to have an AGI script in Python according to my specifications. I described the problem and he provided me with the code.
Quote from: bdoss2006 on Yesterday at 04:18:37 PMitt trimline equivalent (sorry I can't remember the itt name)

ITT's name for it was "Trendline."  Stromberg-Carlson's name was "Slenderet."

For Sale / MS108 PABX for sale
Last post by ringman - Today at 12:12:43 PM
I ordered one of those generic PABX units off AliExpress while planning to put touch tone phones around the house for the kiddos. Then fell into the rotary rabbit hole here, found a Panasonic 616 and got a bunch of rotary phones instead :)

I still have this DTMF PABX, unopened & sealed in the original plastic bag. If anyone is curious to play with one of these, let me know. I'm happy to unwrap it and verify that it works before shipping if you like, because that's probably more important to you than intact plastic wrap.

Excelltel MS108

It doesn't support pulse dialing, but has pretty extensive configuration options. Here's a similar manual to the one included, if you want to check out config options:

Just looking to defray the original purchase price ($74.14) shipped and cover the shipping to you.

Asking $20 (OBO) + shipping.

General Discussion / Re: Wiring Old Phone as doorbe...
Last post by FEgerer - Today at 11:59:39 AM
Here is the phone:  There is no adjustable ringer volume (you can see the slot but no adjustment lever). Looks like the internal ringer is listed as 20hz as you predicted. 

I do not need to use it to talk through to the doorbell as there is an internal video monitor with the system that will communicate and show video.  At worst this is the doorbell, but if it does call through that is a bonus but not a requirement.  They are closing up my house this week (meaning the drywall and external stone work around the door frame) so I would need to insure I have wiring run between devices. The ringer and internal video screen are POE so they run back to the DVR for power.   
thanks again

Quote from: markosjal on Yesterday at 10:59:57 PMWhy bother learning how chatGPT when you can just learn the asterisk console?

ChatGPT does not need to be learned. On the contrary. It is your teacher and understands normally formulated questions and provides you with the answers on all sorts of topics. If you wish, it will also write essays for you on a topic according to your specifications. Unfortunately it has no knowledge about Asterisk yet. That will surely come. ChatGPT is only at the beginning of its development.
I have to say thank you for all the great help here!
Sometimes the interest of learning is limited, just becouse the interests is focused on other things. Not always a wise priority... but that is how it is.

I started with magneto telephones, and it was a large step to rotary, now I have my rotary exchange designed more than 100 years ago running. (It was built in 1946 but the design was old at that time)  I have had to learn a little about DTMF to be able to use the POTS, now that has seen its end here.

The VOIP is the best solution today... but I can not say that I love it 8) .  Thanks to this forum, and this thread with all the help I have got, I am up and running.  The Utstarcom ATA understands rotary, and even better the Grandstream understands Rotary with other dials like the Swedish or Oslo=NewZealand 

So again thank you!  It works ;D
General Discussion / What is the difference between...
Last post by Robert Gift - Today at 08:53:36 AM
Thank you.

Will a NE-2 neon bulb allow enough amperage through to ring a typical Western Electric two-bell ringer?
Hi Don, welcome to CRPF.

Image attached showing B1A example complete with clapper.

Keep us up to date with your progress.