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Find of the Month - February 2015

Started by AE_Collector, January 27, 2015, 12:07:58 AM

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Find of the Month - February 2015    *Vote for Two*

andre_janew's 1954 WE 500 for $6.96 plus $12.72 in shipping on eBay
4 (14.3%)
wfs1933's 9/1940 metal shell 410 for $53 and $14 shipping on eBay
3 (10.7%)
Fabius' Illinois Commercial Telephone Company 25 years service pin for a total price of $20.40 on eBay
6 (21.4%)
c64man's WE Fortress payphone from a friend's basement for $150.00 with a local pickup
3 (10.7%)
Autonut's 1961 Northern Electric 500 E/F Party Line Phone for $6.50 CDN  ($5.22 USD) with a local pickup
6 (21.4%)
Kenton K's 1961 "painted blue" white 1961 WE mushroom for $200 plus $18.00? shipping on eBay
4 (14.3%)
compubit's 1974 gutted WE Design Line Accent Lemon Yellow "Demonstrator/Display" model for "free" plus $13.25 shipping on eBay
7 (25%)
NorthernElectric's  Northern Electric D1 with an E1 handset and 5H dial for $65.00 CDN ($52.00 USD) plus $25-30 CDN in gas found in a local classified ad
5 (17.9%)
wds' black AE34B Monophone for $30 plus $12 shipping on Etsy
11 (39.3%)

Total Members Voted: 28

Mr. Bones

Quote from: NorthernElectric on February 25, 2015, 06:55:06 AM
Quote from: WEBellSystemChristian on February 24, 2015, 10:58:42 PM
The bare brass fingerwheel looks really nice on it!
I like that look too.  If I can get the few spots of verdigris off without ruining the light patina on it or making shiny spots, I will probably leave it that way instead of repainting it.  I will try cleaning the spots with hydrogen peroxide.

Sometimes I have had luck with non-gel (paste) toothpaste, gently scrubbing with a retired toothbrush. Very gently. ;)
Good luck, and best regards!
   Mr. Bones
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I have a last minute entry.  Got this off of Etsy - $30 and it just arrived today.  Not a scratch on the phone.  Not sure if it's a AE34 with the wrong handset, or a AE34B with the correct handset.  Either way, great price.

edit:  Forgot a couple items.  $30 + $12 shipping.


Looks really nice.  A neighbor of mine had one of those a long time ago.


Okay, the nomination period has closed so it's time to vote for the February 2015 Find of the Month. There are 9 contestants this month so lets do two votes each, and everyone please be certain to use both of your votes.

If you inadvertently only vote for one item, click the "remove vote" button to the left below the poll results and then vote again for two items.

The nominations for February cover a wide and varied range so it will be interesting to see which of the nominees will be selected by the membership as the telephone or a telephone related item as the one item they would have liked to have found for their own personal collection or feel it is a truly great find for posterity and the new owner's collection.

. . . for Terry


Just a reminder to cast your two (2) votes in the February Find of the Month contest (poll).

About 4 days left in the voting and only 19 members have cast their votes (and thank you to those who have already voted)

The voting ends Saturday, March 07, 2015, 05:41:10 PM PST

         ( . . . which reminds me, I think I heard daylight savings starts this weekend, early Sunday morning)


Well, with all that preoccupied me over the week end, I totally forgot the poll for February ended Saturday night.

While there were four nominations that were essentially tied for second place in the poll at about 6 votes, it was wds' black AE34B Monophone that was the last nomination in February that walked away as the clear winner with about twice the votes of the 4 way tie for second.

As such, it was an AE34B for $30 plus $12 shipping that captured the award for "Find of the Month - February 2015." Congratulations to wds for both his excellent find and winning the award (and, again, with something other than a WECo 500, quite a feat these days).

Thanks to everyone for their entries into the competition and thanks to all who voted.

Here is the "Find of the Month - Winners List" for all contests to date:

   ( . . . for) Terry